We mix sounds, colors and shapes to create unique experiences, radiating the senses and making them shine with their own light..

We are a collective of digital art, with fervent conviction in the challenge of reality. We break the limits to create, through immersive experiences in different formats of communication.

We are designers, artists, animators; programmers, creatives; all focused on the research, design, development and experimentation of people and their senses, transporting them to realities created especially for brands, cultural institutions or art galleries that want to cross the portal and go beyond.

The origin

Brillo was born in 2013, between the union of people with different specialties (Nj Lopez, Juan Pablo Astorga, Sebastian Muñoz and Javier Garay), as a means to get out of the monotony of advertising and conventional creative commercial structures; we find in this way to unite different media and promote artistic exploration in a transversal way.

In the beginning we did Brillo in our free time, outside working hours and without the requirement of customers. In 2017 we propose to take our transversal creation structure to large-scale projects, under the direction of Paola G. Olea and Javier Garay, focusing on educational, artistic and advertising experiences, which sought to stimulate the senses of the audience, in order to to tell stories through interactive spaces. Nowadays, with many more years of experience, we are centralizing our efforts to