Silex is an interactive installation that in the first instance seeks to explore the possibilities of a three-dimensional interface. With this objective, a pyramidal structure has been created that contains a depth capture device and a projector inside it.ior.

The pyramidal shape of the structure, responds to the need to improve the user experience, so it seeks to simplify a primitive three-dimensional geometry, which allows to integrate multiple interactors simultaneously, this structure is covered by an elastic surface that is used as a platform tactile.

By exerting pressure on the pyramidal surface, the capture device reads the depth variation, the speed and the place where the pressure has been made, transforming this information into visual and sound responses projected into the structure.

This proposal is aimed at encouraging the user to explore the properties of the material with which the structure is built and find the different parameters that will give infinite answers according to the relationships that are established.

Silex + is the continuation of a first experimentation, born of the questioning of the predominance of sight in contemporary societies. This predominance has as a consequence the suppression of the rest of the senses in the relations with the world. We try to address the problem to the body as a place of perception based on the idea that all the senses are prolongations of the sense of touch, all sensory experiences are ways of touching, so we seek to deliver an experience that has as its starting point the haptic interaction for the discovery of visual and auditory reactions.

art work by:

Javier Garay


NJ López
Sebastián Muñoz
Carla Orellana
Juan Pablo Astorga