Leave us your best scream


Imagina agency project

When we worked at the Imagina agency, the Porta advertising agency, for its end-of-year party, requested to create a sensorial experience that would allow its collaborators to express themselves.

When faced with the challenge we discovered that for people it is common to use their fingers when interacting in front of a screen, so the challenge was to explore other forms of interaction, we went directly to our most primitive nature, thus reaching the the need for speech, as the individual materialization of a person’s thoughts and even more primitive, the cry.

We created an installation, which had as structure a Mac mini, a screen, a microphone and a camera. All these elements detected the screams starting the capture of image and sound.

For the experience to be complete, only one instruction was left on the screen «Leave us your best cry», making an explicit call to the users to shout in front of the screen, resulting in a unique sequence of images for each interaction performed by people. The sequences were uploaded to a website, where participants could share their sequences of images on social networks.

Violent Screams was installed in the Porta agency in December 2015.

The challenge was to explore other forms of interaction, we went straight to our most primitive nature, the scream.


JAVIER GARAY / Co-Creative Direction and Development / Art / Producer / 3D Modeling
PAOLA G. OLEA / Co-Creative Direction and Development / Technological Director / Producer
ESTEBAN FERNÁNDEZ / Developer Back-End
THOMAS ERLANDSEN / Developer Front-End